Harold Koopowitz, California

End of the Season

April 24, 2013

Categories: Daffodil Types, Standards

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Here, looking a little weather beaten,  is the last daffodil of my season, ‘Gay Challenger’.  The bulb was planted in 2008 and flowered for the first time last year. It took four years to settle down and did make one nice flower in 2012 (picture in Daffseek)  and this year we had four flowers, one of which Steve used in a collection in Columbus and the others opened after that.  Quite surprisingly they have withstood our heat and dry weather quite well. It was considered the best of the Richardson’s “Gay” series. Today ‘Gay Kybo’ seems to be the one still grown. In the old days I remember a flower of  ‘Gay Challenger’  being best in show at Descanso. That was in the heyday of the now defunct Southern California Daffodil Society.  At that time it was a very pricey bulb indeed and I could not afford it.

Gay Challenger






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