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Indianapolis Show Results, standard awards

April 23, 2013

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The Indiana Daffodil Society held its annual show this past weekend, April 20 and 21 at Holliday Park Nature Center in northern Indianapolis. The show was moved from its usual date just before the Cincinnati show due to the late spring, and as a result was well attended by local members and several out of town exhibitors. The result was a very nice show which had a wide array of blooms across a variety of bloom times, with early blooms as well as poets.

This project started as an attempt by Lisa and I to photograph the top winners as well as some of our entries. After Sara Kinne found us a piece of black velvet, it morphed into an attempt to photograph all of the winners. While we were desperately trying to channel Tom and Kirby, one can only do so much with an iPhone, a chair, and a backdrop. Needless to say, these photos are nowhere near the quality most of our viewers are used to, so please be patient with us.

The standard Gold Ribbon went to a flawless bloom of Pacific Rim. This flower was well worth the four hour trip from St. Louis for Lynn Slackman. Congratulations, Lynn!


The standard Rose Ribbon went to Gerald Knehans for #250 3 WWG-OOY.


The standard White Ribbon went to Fredrica Lawlor, with a beautiful set of Pogo.


Youth best bloom was Cassidy Stockmeier, exhibiting Thalia.


The Small Grower Ribbon went to Marilyn Ferguson, with a very nice bloom of Colley Gate.


The best Historic bloom was won by Linda Wallpe. Her Sea Green had great color, especially for a hybrid introduced in 1930.


Lynn Slackman won the best Historic three stem award with Dreamlight.


The best set of three stems in the Classic section was Margaret Baird’s Dainty Miss. The best Classic bloom was the top flower in the exhibit.


The Intermediate Award went to a seedling of Gerald Knehans, #252 2 Y-P American heritage x Mitsch.


The best 3 stems intermediate bloom was won by Margaret Baird with Birthday Girl.


This vase of three of Ruby Rim was a blue ribbon winner, but the color of the cups was phenomenal. Thanks to exhibitor Steve Goodwin.



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