Stephen Vinisky, Oregon

Miniature 8W-P

April 4, 2013

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V02-57-10 is Brooke Ager x N. dubius ssp.micranthus. Seed was planted in fall of 02 but took 6 1/2 years to maiden flower. First shown in my losing Premier in Lake Oswego. This year there are four flowering stems on this clone. The largest flower at the top measures 40mm. Stems are about 9″ tall. Photo is of three stems of the -10 clone. One three flower stem and two 2 “bangers”.

N. dubius ssp.micranthus only blooms for me in the greenhouse about every third year. I have lost it twice outside in raised beds. This year I have five stems with nine total flowers. That’s two years in a row it has bloomed which is a first. I think that with ‘Brooke Ager as the seed parent, these flowers are somewhat bigger than Harold’s superb crosses. Based on Harold’s fine things, certainly not groundbreaking but still quite nice.


V02-57-10 (40mm) Brooke Ager x N. dubius ssp. micranthus 8W-P

V02-57-10 (40mm)
Brooke Ager x N. dubius ssp. micranthus

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