Bill Carter, Washington

Potential Seedlings

April 4, 2013

Categories: Breeding, Daffodil Types, Hybridizer, Hybridizing, Intermediates, Miniatures, Seedling

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I’ve been spreading pollen since 2007 and this will be the 1st year for a bloom of a flower that I have been able to track from seed to bloom.   Pics of my 1st maiden flower (pollenated in 2010) will follow after it blooms next week.   It may be ugly but every parent thinks their 1st baby is beautiful.

While checking out my yard I found several new blooms which I think are flowers from seedlings.  They look just like the parent close by but have  shorter stems and the flower is 3/4 size of the parent.  Is this generally the case if a flower self seeds and drops its seeds?    I may segregate these bulbs and grow them out for future miniature crosses.

One response to “Potential Seedlings”

  1. Bob Spotts, California Bob Spotts, California says:

    My opinion is that your smaller blooms are from offsets formed by the original bulbs – not from seeds.