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re-posting of inquiry

April 12, 2013

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Friends, I received this inquiry via the ADS website and I have received permission to re-post this to DaffNet for your responses.  If you can provide your input direct to the person making the inquiry, it would be lovely.  Loretta Sims is making the inquiry. The email address to respond to is:


and her inquiry is:

I read somewhere that daffodils always face north.  I started going through some of my daffodils photos and have noticed that many of them are facing north but is this just a coincidence or is this a true fact of daffodils and why?  I thought the most reliable answer would come from the Daffodil society of America.  But then other information say they point south.  Just curious, thought it was an interesting little factoid about this beautiful bulb.

 Thanks for your thoughts on this topic.  I live in Colorado, Zone 5.  

Loretta Simms

Many thanks for your support and feedback.


Jaydee Atkins Ager

ADS Exec Dir

One response to “re-posting of inquiry”

  1. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins, North Carolina says:


    That’s a . . .  My daffodils have proven that they point anyway they want.  Mostly they follow the sun.

    I planted my beds so that the labels are facing the north to avoid the Sun causing them to fade so much.

    Guess, what.  The daffodils mostly face the south and west away from my labels making it hard for me the assess the quality of the daffodils when I’m on the side of the labels.  I get to see a lot of the backs and if the backs are good then I look at the front.

    North???  Not so much.