Phyllis Hess, Ohio

Ribbons from Convention

April 30, 2013

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Betty Kealiher reports she has some ribbons from the Convention that she can not identify the owners.

Greg Freeman of Walhalla, SC?     I’m finally sending out the ribbons and he’s not on the list.

Section      Class     Place         Flower

A               14           2          Powerstock   2W-O

J               212         HM        Tom Terrific    11a Y-O

B               108         1          Intrigue    7Y-W

A               14A        HM         Elusive   2 W-R

C               124         3           Ceylon      2Y-O    pre 1943

Just contact me privately and I will let her know whose they are.


4 responses to “Ribbons from Convention”

  1. Kathleen Simpson, West Virginia says:

    Can’t comment on the others, but the class card for B108 said “No Name” and my memory is that we couldn’t ID the handwriting on the entry card.

    btw, the handwriting on all the class cards is amazingly legible – thanks again to all the clerks who took so much time and effort over them.


  2. Phyllis Hess, Ohio Phyllis Hess, Ohio says:

    Thanks Kathleen, sure do appreciate all you did for us at the convention, will pass the info on to Betty. Glad to hear the clerks did a good job!! Everyone needs to do their job well in order for a convention to run smoothly.


  3. John Beck, Illinois says:

    I think that may have been my Intrigue, though mine were rather small- I will check my list

    John Beck

  4. Phyllis,

    The entry tag accompanying my entry had been damaged during transit or upon arrival.  Mike Berrigan was gracious enough to fill out a new tag when he entered my flowers on my behalf.  I think Carolyn Hawkins might have responded to this already with my mailing address, but in the event you still need it my address is 509 Old Wagon Road, Walhalla, SC  29691.


    Greg Freeman

    Walhalla, South Carolina, USA