Stephen Vinisky, Oregon

Sid DuBose 2W-WPP

April 2, 2013

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There are still a number of things in the introduction pipeline here at Cherry Creek that were hybridized by my good friend, the late Sid DuBose. V23-28-6 is Sid’s cross of ‘Pink Silk x P39-26 (DuBose). It is a lovely flat flower with white, pink, and salmon in the corona. It is a 2W-WPP with a 3/4 length corona. I believe that it will be well received as a show flower.  Sid’s seedling numbering system used a letter or letters for the year. Therefore his “V” series was preceeded by the “U” series and followed by “W”. Wanted to make certain that this was NOT  identified as one of my seedlings (although I wish it was for it’s a lovely thing!).


Sid DuBose 2W-WPP
Seedling # V23-28-6=(Pink Silk x P39-26)

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