Stephen Vinisky, Oregon

Standard 2W-W

April 1, 2013

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Seedling V94-149-11 combines ‘Quiet Waters’ which is one of John Pearson’s elegant show flowers with Bill Pannill’s legendary ‘Peggy White’. I consider it to be a special 2W-W that is now up for naming and ultimate Registration. Blooms can be flawless.


Quiet Waters x Peggy White

5 responses to “Standard 2W-W”

  1. Tom Stettner, Ohio Tom Stettner, Ohio says:

    Very Nice!!!!

  2. Melissa Reading, California says:

    Beautiful!  Now if I can pose a difficult request: can you possibly make one like this that blooms early?

  3. Melissa and Tom,

    Thanks so much!

    Melissa – This is early! I’m only at the tail end of Season 2 or just starting into Season 3. Unusual to have a Season 4-5 quality flower blooming this early. You also might look at ‘Fogbound’ a 2W-W that is a full week earlier.


  4. Melissa Reading, California says:

    OK, season 2 is great!  We’re about done here now.  Yes, I love Fogbound.  Thanks, Steve.

  5. Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia says:

    WOW! And then WOW !!!