Lawrence Trevanion, Australia

End of Autumn

May 30, 2013

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We are heading into winter here. Just two jonquilla have risked flowering before winter officially starts. Three more have spathes splitting. They should be okay as they are much hardier in the frost than tazettas.



12_02J 13a

Interestingly, a bit of protection and water has convinced a tazquil to flower earlier than either of its parents. It is 07/1TJ cordubensis x tazetta. It would be nice to breed fertile hybrids of this type from good tazettas and jonquils. They have lots of good qualities.

07_01TJ tazquil

Tazettas continue to flower. 09/30T is a really nice dwarf tazetta from Will Ashburner crossed with miniature tazetta lacticolor. Not quite miniature I’m afraid.

09_30T 13

09/2MJ is a nice viridiflorus hybrid (Limequilla x Emerald Sea) x fernandesii. It is also a surprising and excellent parent.

09_02MJ 13

Some new seedlings have flowered but none that are startlingly good. Both parents of 13/3MJ contain viridiflorus.


And, of course, there are always bulbocodiums.

bulbos 2013

Main division flowers are at least two months away. I have not seen anything here that suggests that main divisions will flower here on the autumn side of winter so I’m guessing that John McLennon’s early JFM  96-12 and ‘First Red’ are growing in a very different climate to mine. I grew Radcliff’s ‘Early Bird’ for a while. It used to flower in August from memory but it didn’t enjoy the experience. I have some seedlings from it (as a seed parent) but these flower at a normal time. Unfortunately I haven’t been inspired enough by them to inter-cross them in the hope of something extraordinarily early.



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