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May 9, 2013

Categories: Daffodil Types, Hybridizing

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There seem to be two kinds of halos: those associated with reverse bicolors that are usually white or whitish; and yellow halos on the inside of white perianths.

The white halo from reverse bicolors seems to be able to be disassociated from the color of the trumpet so in addition to YYW-W we can get YYW-Y, YYW-O, and YYW-P. Sometimes this disassociation can be so strong that the link to reverse bicolors seems to be lost.

12_249 10_485

I can find no orange halos on yellow perianths anywhere. The only YYO- on daffseek is Cheerleader and it is flushed rather than haloed.

There are pink halos associated with reverse bicolors, however. Melodia d’Amore is probably an example. Also:

10_307 11_270

Just as there are no orange halos on yellow perianths, nor could I find an example of an orange halo on a white perianth – the yellow can be intensified but it doesn’t become orange. The closest I could find, with a little imagination, is in elegans hybrids in division 8.

At a stretch the following could pass for a pink halo on a white perianth but basically these too are non-existent to my knowledge. This one has a slight reverse look about it, from Misty Glen if anywhere, and the perianth is not very white. All the remaining flowers I could find that had pink in the perianth were from staining/bleeding/flushing.


Interestingly, the yellow halo that is so common in W-Y and W-O flowers is almost non-existent in W-P’s. There are no flowers with WWY- perianths that are also pink on daffseek. The following might just pass as examples but perhaps not as mature flowers.

12_119 10_297

Just as W-P’s don’t have yellow halos nor do W-W’s.  I find this hard to believe but could find no convincing example. Perhaps the following is one.


So we have no orange halos at all, pink ones only with reverse bicolors, and no halos at all on W-W’s and W-P’s. Does anyone know why this is so?

A last specimen is a Gold Convention hybrid, also with a halo, that is yet another of those challenges to our color coding system. I’m sorry I didn’t dress it a little first.




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