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May 2, 2013

Categories: Classics, Daffodil Types, Historics, Show Results, Shows, Standards

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John Reed 98-141-1Early Pearl 1920 best histclassic 2 ribbon sir wviniski chicagoBetter phebeThe season is so coming to an end. Biflorus is out, and a few poets that held back are now out along with the last few ‘Fertile Crescent’s and a couple of Downunders that are still getting their bearings.
So, attached are a few more blooms from the past weekend’s show in Chicago. They were just starting as I drove up with my endings.

In order 1-5 are: Reed 98-141-1, a 2Y-R, ‘Early Pearl’ historic best single stem, ‘Sir Winston Churchill’ vase of 3 classic and 4th classic ribbon, Vinisky 95-118=4 (a blue in its class), ‘Phebe’ best vase of three standard.


Photo judging                         winning entry         judging horticulture          single stem ‘Sir W.’ classic


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