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viridiflorus hybrids etc

May 5, 2013

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10_03MJ started flowering late April and seems to be establishing itself as the earliest of the fertile hybrids. Just starting is a flower whose pedigree seems to be wrong. It is supposed to be  07_03MJ x 01_01MJ but it seems possible that is is a sterile triandrus hybrid 07_03MJ x 04_01RM although if this is so its short pedicels are surprising and it is hard to see why it would be so much earlier than either parent. It is almost an autumn flowering 5G-G but I expect it will mature to a reversish 5YYW-Y. I’ve given it a number and will test for seed fertility.


10_03MJ 13 13_01MJ

I have an interest in autumn flowering jonquilla. Viridiflorus is well finished and 03_01J (fernandesii x viridiflorus) is currently in flower. (The 8W-W behind are secondary flowers on 07_01W; out of the picture are a few remaining florets on the primary stems.)

03_01J 07_01W 13

It seems that with autumn watering various jonquilla will outgrow both viridiflorus and its hybrids with jonquilla. Last year one flowered at the end of April. This year, presumably because of the hotter summer and autumn it has not done so. This treatment has managed to coax an emerging bud from a different hybrid and it may even technically bloom in the autumn. This confirms my view that with a slight switch in the flowering triggers autumn jonquilla are very possible.

The pictures are of some jonquilla and a 15cm ruler, and one of a leaf that is already 70cm long.

jonquilla foliage jonquilla foliage1


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