Clay Higgins, New Jersey

Daffodil Diggins

June 3, 2013

Categories: American Daffodil Society, General

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Daffnet is kind of slow.

Since I became a master gardener I have had a lot of help digging bulbs from the Currituck Master Gardener Volunteers that also supply the “labor” to support our Daffodil Show in Northeast NC.

While digging daffodil bulbs this year I have acquired a new name, I am the “Bulb Whisperer.” I was given that name by the Master Gardeners because they were saying that I can spot a bulb in the dirt that no one else can see, and because if they dig and can’t find a bulb, I can re-dig that spot and find the bulb. I never let a bulb get away during the “round-up,” as the Whisperer the bulbs all come to me.

I, the person without nicknames, thought this one was quirky and worthy.

However I just think it’s the nearly 20 years of digging bulbs, that I have gotten to know where they are and how they hide during digging and come back to see you next spring as an unwanted volunteer in your beds.


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