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Good Feedback for Daffseek

June 27, 2013

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On a garden walk this week I visited with Jerry Langenhorn, a member of our Midwest Daffodil Society and a former president of the ADS – that’s the American Dahlia Society, of which I am also a member. Jerry reported that some very positive comments about Daffseek had been relayed to him from (his) ADS members and from American Horticultural Society members who had attended the forum of the Coalition of American Plant Societies in March. I stuck my thumbs into my armpits. thrust out my chest, and boasted about Daffseek, Daffnet, and Dafflibrary, being sure to credit Mary Lou, Nancy, and Ben. Turns out the exposure to Daffseek was that referred to in our own President Becky’s Conversation column on pp. 264-265 of the newest Daffodil Journal. Good job, Becky!

Jerry agreed that more communication and cooperation between hobby horticultural societies is needed now more than ever. Jerry didn’t attend the CAPS meeting in George, but he looks forward to the next one.

George Dorner

BTW, the attached photo was taken in May of 2009. At meetings of the Central States Dahlia Society I enjoyed introducing myself as the President of the ADS. Of course, they all knew Jerry and this brought quizzical looks.

BTW (2), Jerry’s hat boasts his membership in that other ADS. My sweatshirt describes my position at home, then, as now. 😎

The sweatshirt was a gift from our kids on an anniversary. Mary’s gift was a sweatshirt that says, “Where’s my senior citizen discount?”

2 ADS Presidents 2009

2 ADS Presidents 2009

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