John McLennan, New Zealand

Going Bananas

July 28, 2013

Categories: General, Non-Daffodil

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Sharing  with a friend

Sharing with a friend

Winter in Otaki has been quite mild,with only a couple of frosts , not very solid at all .However the birds still need a little extra food to keep their energy levels up in the cooler temperatures .My old mum is a keen bird feeder and was told by a friend that they appreciate Bananas during the winter .She has a splendid Banksia in her garden ; it is an Aussie native from the larger protea family and thrives on her sandy section .One of our smallest native birds is the  Waxeye or Silvereye .They come to the Banksia for the nectar it produces but have now developed a taste for BANANAS .I caught them feeding  the other morning .


Look at the camera

Look at the camera

Winter breakfast

Winter breakfast

Looking up the Otaki Gorge to beautiful Mount Hector .Daffseek has a 4W –  W  as unknown, but  Mount Hector is one of my favourite landscapes and although unregistered , Snowy Hector  is a clean , all white double I am quite pleased with .

Snowy  Hector  4 W - W  namesake

Snowy Hector 4 W – W

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