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Toward fertile 8O-O

July 30, 2013

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Sometimes I think an all orange diploid tazetta (and hence fully fertile) is possible. Other times I’m not so sure.

In the past flowers such as these have been identified as as leading in that direction:

08_07T 11 09_22Tb 12_19T

This one is now flowering with an unmistakeable orange flush.


Given that these are pretty much selections of Bill Welch’s Autumn Colors with some addition from the plant I call Bairns. Sol I am guessing he has things similar, probably better.

While on the topic of tazettas, some 07_03WT is flowering in the garden right now. It is the 99_02WT x 98_22T that is pictured in the March 2013 ADS Journal. It has the wonderful characteristic of producing a full head of open florets. My guess is that it is 2 parts colored tazetta and one part paperwhite (31 chromosomes) and is therefore genetically like Grand Monarque. For this reason I plan to name a Gramon series, this one being Gramonella (yellow Grand Monarque). Some of these are proving very much more fertile than Grand Monarque has for me but are impossible as seed parents when they flower at this time of year in frosty Canberra. I guess they will mostly breed like ordinary diploid tazettas in the way Polly’s Pearl mostly breeds like an ordinary paperwhite.

07_03WT 13c07_03WT 13b


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