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winter viridiflorus hybrids

July 10, 2013

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First generation viridiflorus hybrids flower earlier than mid-winter here but second generation hybrids that include the spring flowering fertile jonquil hybrids have a wide range of flowering times. Including Limequilla, Quickstep and Hillstar in various combinations are the following:



07_06MJ 13 07_05MJ 13 07_04MJ 13 07_03MJ 13 03_01MJ 13

07_06MJ is the parent of the nice 7G-G seedling I showed previously. It doesn’t seem to be quite so vigorous. It is also unusual in that it has foliage that is more glaucous than the others. These are grown against the north wall of the house with some occasional extra protection from a frost blanket. In the field they are pretty sad.

Some of my pedigrees for these flowers have been uncertain in the past. I have now gone back through my correspondence and confirmed that my confusion arose because John Hunter sent me Emerald Sea pollen under number. So the above are all Emerald Sea seedlings: 03_01MJ is Limequilla x Emerald Sea; 07_03MJ, 07_04MJ and 07_05MJ are Hillstar x Emerald Sea, and 07_06MJ is (Hillstar x Quickstep) x Emerald Sea. Quickstep has not been a great parent for me but it does tend to produce a greater number of florets in my experience. This probably explains why 07_06MJ tends to have up to 6 florets rather than the usual 3, max. 4. None of these would have been possible without John Hunter’s great generosity. He has done similar crosses so I hope and expect he has things at least as good as these.

12_11MJ is not quite miniature I think. It is 03_01MJ x fernandesii.

12_11MJ 13


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