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Orange Flushed Perianths .

August 18, 2013

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I have been intrigued by the orange flush in daff perianths for many years .When I started working in daffs ( 1967 ) ,”Rouge” was the flushed flower that we had , followed not long after by the Jim O,More  N Z flower  ” Red Hot “, which was , if screened from direct sun ,  very intense .There has been a steady supply on improved show flowers , all division 2 or 3 ,over the years and they are now of a quality that they can be exhibited in top collections and win against the best yellow perianths .I have been making a few crosses , aimed at flushed perianths , mainly in division 1 and in doubles , for many seasons and last summer lifted and organised them into one planting area .There are a lot in flower at the moment and I was out with the camera , catching the best .



12 - 72   Red Haze x Hero IMG_6517The most rewarding cross aimed at flushed trumpets , has been  Red Haze  —  x  —  Hero, from which 4 selections have been made , over a few seasons .The only selection that measures trumpet is  12 – 72 , that also has a good , even flush ,but is not top form .



12 - 70   Red Haze - x - Hero IMG_6471 12 – 70 has a nice round perianth with light amber tones and a mid length cup .

06 - 46  ( Spelter -x - Tekapo ) - x - Kiwi Solstice Flushed perianth doubles have come from a wide range of parents , perhaps the most rewarding being  a flushed Reg Cull seedling ( Spelter  x  Tekapo  )  —  x  —  Kiwi  Solstice which has given 06 – 46 , with good flushing and reasonable form .


08 - 21  Rondel - sdlg IMG_6480Rondel , a well coloured Phillips seedling has given, with a Fiji double seedling , a nice double 08 – 21, very round and with a light flush .   06 - 141   Red Haze - x - Kiwi Solstice IMG_6547 My current  prefered parent , for both seed and pollen use ,  06 – 141 , is a well formed and coloured large cup  that  has Kiwi Solstice vigor and is an attractive , bright picking flower .It is a sibling to my  4 Y – O  “Otaki Legacy ” , a very gold but not flushed perianth  that proved the cross had had taken the doubling .


Cameo  Flush “Cameo Flush “, a fine flower Ramsay with a good show record , is flowering now and has been used a lot recently.


Rondel IMG_6553 IMG_6555Also out  is the deep coloured , but not very smooth  ” Rondel “

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  1. Greg Freeman, South Carolina Greg Freeman, South Carolina says:

    John, your flowers always impress me.  Your 12-70 and 08-21fail to disappoint.  Very nice!