Graeme Davis, Australia

2013 Blayney show

September 17, 2013

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Blayney show was held the week before Canberra

Blayney is a town about 3 hours north of Canberra and west of Sydney.

There were approximately 700 blooms at the show.

I forget my camera so these photos are from Rob Slarke (and hence better than mine!)

A view of hall below

Balyney Daffodil Show 070913a

Champion Trumpet was Kurrewa grown by Tony Davis

Kurrewa 1WW Davis 070913

Champion small cup was 32/10 shown by Tony Davis

32 10 3WO Davis 070913


Champion progressive class was Miss Rhiannon grow by Chris Ryan





Miss Rhiannon 3WWO Ryan 070913a

Champion Double was Muster shown by John Woodfield

Muster 4WO Woodfield 070913a

Champion 5-13 was Rapture shown by Janet Johnstone

Rapture 6YY Johnstone 070913

2 responses to “2013 Blayney show”

  1. Nancy Tackett, California Nancy Tackett, California says:


    Thank you for sharing some of the Australian daffodil shows with us. These blooms have such wonderful color and I can only imagine the size.


  2. Bob Spotts, California Bob Spotts, California says:

    Those of us who attended the Australian Championships in Canberra were delighted to meet the real Miss Rhiannon! A lovely young lady!