Bulbs Donated for Fall Board Meeting Auction

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For those of you attending the Fall Board Meeting in Tuscon, below are five bulbs donated for the Bulb Auction. Two are Standards and three are Miniatures. There are many other offerings for the Bulb Auction in Tuscon. Hope that a few of these might entice!


V02-57-10 8W-P(m)Jill GV95-225-15 1YYW-W(m)V00-67-11V96-33-17 7Y-R

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  1. Steve,

    I’d like to donate a bulb or two to the auction.  How do I go about it?


  2. Hi Clay,

    The A. D. S. Auctions are managed by the Vice President of the Society. That is Dr. Harold Koopowitz at present. He will most probably begin to solicit for next springs Auction over the next few months. Next falls Auction will be managed by Mike Berrigan, the incoming V. P.. I am quite certain that all donations to the A. D. S. Auctions are most gratefully received.

    Below are the submitted descriptions for the photos above. I also included the “boilerplate” at the top as an FYI. During my tenure as A. D. S. VP, I found that brief descriptions and decent photos were most important. Non released seedlings usually bring in more than named and/or released cultivars. Sometimes, the time allotted or planned for the physical Auction has not allowed all donated bulbs to be auctioned. Sometimes the list of Auction bulbs runs several pages, sometimes it is only a few pages.

    Fall Board Meeting 2013 – ADS Auction Offerings – Cherry Creek Daffodils, Steve Vinisky

    Note to Bidders:

    The American Daffodil Society Bulb Auctions are supported by many of the leading hybridizers around the world. Their generous donations make this auction possible. In order to ensure continued donations of their newest and best creations, the A.D.S. asks that buyers hold bulbs purchased in their garden and NOT release, trade, donate, sell, or distribute any bulb from this auction for a period of five years. We thank you for your generous participation and appreciate your respect for the bulb growers economic concerns.

    Standard Daffodil Offerings

    V00-67-11   2W-YOY, Seedling from: [(Random Event x La Paloma) x (Amity Angel sib x Yum Yum)], S. J. Vinisky, USA, Season 3

    There are not a lot of flowers that have this color code. Heavy, thick substance and smooth, velvety texture combine with striking color. Tall, strong stems, great neck and perfect pose on this flower. Consistent and striking show flower that is subtle and refined. Perfect for collections and can win at the highest levels. There is a 2mm wide yellow band on the corona. Will be named in 2014.

    ‘Jill G’     2W-W, Seedling #V94-149-11, Quiet Waters x Peggy White, S. J. Vinisky, USA, Season 3

    First release of this truly outstanding flower. It is from sublime, world class parents that combine exciting and impeccable breeding lines. One of the “tight neck” Selections which I believe/hope will greatly reduce rotting so prevalent in whites. It is a 2W-W with a 3/4 length corona and is a large flower that blooms at main show season. Notice the almost overlapped segments both front and back. It has been registered this year. A beautiful flower named for a beautiful lady and a dear friend.

    Miniature Daffodil Offerings

    V95-225-15   1YYW-W; [(Tanagra x Gipsy Queen = V88-5-2) x (Tanagra x Gipsy Queen = V88-5-10)]; S. J. Vinisky, USA, Season 2-3, 43mm diameter

    A sibling cross of two reverse bicolor Miniature trumpet seedlings of mine. This cross has given intensely contrasted reverse bicolor Miniature trumpets. Trumpet opens yellow and quickly reverses to a clean, clear white. Has a white halo at the base of the perianth segments. Strong grower and an above average increaser, especially for a Miniature. Healthy and quite distinctive. About 180mm or six inches tall. A main season flower exhibited frequently.


    V96-33-17   7Y-R; Miniature(?). [(N. jonquilla super re-select x N. fernandesii) x (Altruist x Loch Lundie)];  S. J. Vinisky, USA, Season 3

    Early mid season flowering! About 20% larger in the flower than the species N. jonquilla. Deeply colored. In fact might be one of the darkest colored Y-R hybrid to date. Vigorous grower and a very fast increaser. Great show form with a wide, rounded form combined with intense color. A consistent producer of show flowers. Excellent bulbs that are physically similar to ‘Baby Moon’ in size and vigor. Sweet and light, N. jonquilla like fragrance.  Slightly under 12″ in height.


    V02-57-10   8W-P; Brooke Ager x N. dubius ssp. micranthus; S. J. Vinisky, USA, Season 3, 40mm diameter

    Has won Miniature Gold, White and Rose Ribbons. Miniature pink tazetta is about 7″ in height and usually has two, three, or four, 40mm flowers per stem. Deep rose pink corona opens yellowish pink and darkens quickly. Excellent form has come through from both parents. The N. dubius pollen was sent through the mail by the late Delia Bankhead. She believed it to be a superior clonal form. The bulb itself is simply superb. A vigorous increaser. $70.00 opening bid.

    Hope this is of some help,


  3. Steve,

    I hope I am not too late for this fall as I have been planning since spring to donate my own miniature 10W-Y Artie Lemons, and a standard 10Y-Y Big Baby that I registered this spring Graham Fleming the hybridizer and Clay Higgins as the originator.

    They are both listed in Daffseek.



  4. Michael Berrigan will manage the spring 2014 auction.  It’s a new schedule to allow the incoming President time to concentrate on putting together the new Board and other items.

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