Lawrence Trevanion, Australia

Diamond dusting / Green

September 27, 2013

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Hi All,

Sometimes it’s important to select flowers in sunlight. This delightful white caught my eye a few days ago. It then reminded me that I had selected a yellow trumpet early in the season (28 August) that also glistened. Wouldn’t the yellow perianth combined with the white trumpet be something? It strikes me that if daffodil shows wanted to recognise/promote this breeding priority they would need to establish a ‘sunlight class’ and include this characteristic in the judging criteria.



My nice 7G-G that flowered earlier in the year has decided to flower again in the spring. One seed pod has matured and the other almost so – it is seeding and flowering at the same time.  Not such a neat flower and not so green for so long, but still quite nice. Another viridiflorus hybrid has done the same thing so it looks as if daffodils that flower twice a year, autumn and spring, are a possibility.


Also flowering now is a division 2 flower that seems to have a natural green in the cup. This is the first such flower I have encountered. All the others have the appearance of being poorly developed and distorted as is common in the green backs on doubles. It is too soon to tell if this is a reliable characteristic particularly given the early spring dry spell and the fact that the cross had nothing to do with breeding green. But it does give some slight hope that reasonable greens can be bred without help from N. viridiflorus.




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