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2013 – A Few Recent Kiwi Doubles .

October 8, 2013

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One of the most discussed and photographed flowers at the recent S I National in Nelson was a recently registered double COSMIC DAWN ,from John Hunter.I was not at the show but have heard from several that it was a striking flower .Cosmic Dawn Cosmic Dawn (3)The breeding of COSMIC  DAWN is  Cotton  Candy  –  x  –  O,More  34 – 76  (  Radcliffe sdlg  –  x  –  Richardson sdlg ) .




Cosmic Dawn (4) Cosmic Dawn (2)The first move by many judges when assessing the doubles is to check the back  – not a sign of greening   and very good symmetry . Thanks Graham Phillips  for the images .




JAH     2 - 02 - B P1010012From the pollen of COSMIC  DAWN   onto his own very good pink cup  TRANQUIL  IMAGE , John Hunter made the cross  JAH  2 – 02 – B , .




JAH      2 - 02 - B P1010004 This flowered just a few days after the Nelson  National and the many visitors to the Hunters had departed ..John feels this is an improvement on Cosmic Dawn and he has several selections from the cross . Thanks John for the images .



SPACELIGHT IMG_7608 SPACELIGHT is a recent John Hunter registration and is from a  Tropic  Isle line of breeding .This was a nice flower Grown by John Hollever and staged by Brian MacKenzie at our late show .



MAELSTROM IMG_6961 IMG_6965_1  MAELSTROM  ( what a great name for a very full Double  )  is a recent Denise McQuarrie  registration and is building an impressive show record . A  big flower , very well held on a strong stem and a good neck . Opens a yellow tone pink and deepens quite quickly to a nice salmon pink .Note the small stamen in there .3 flowers crossed .Yeah .


LUCKY   DICE IMG_7595 IMG_7597 LUCKY  DICE  is one of my recent registrations and I sent it out to a few growers to assess. Pleased to see it is performing , but like many  ( most ) doubles , consistency is a problem . I had two LUCKY DICE at our late show and


LUCKY  DICE  from  Spud . IMG_7599Spud Brogden had one , a bigger flower but not as full .My flowers had age markings on the back , Spuds was larger , cleaner , neater but not as well centered . Probably the middle ground required here — Malcolm  obviously had it .



RED  FLARE  -  X  -  KIWI  SOLSTICE IMG_7601I also showed a pair of very strongly coloured first flower seedlings from the cross  RED FLARE – X – KIWI  SUNSET . Both had good size , excellent stems and necks  and strong colours  but also had considerable weather damage . Enough potential to mark and lift this summer .



GOLD  CONVENTION - X - KIWI  SUNSETGOLD  CONVENTION   –  X  –  KIWI  SOLSTICE  gave me a lot of interesting seedlings in a range of colours and forms . This selection is very well layered and shows potential .

2 Responses to 2013 – A Few Recent Kiwi Doubles .

  1. Denise and Neil McQuarrie, New Zealand
    October 9, 2013 at 4:23 am

    I thought Cosmic Dawn was an outstanding double at the NDS South Island Show and JAH  2 – 02 – B looks as if it has wonderful form.  Lucky Dice had 2 lovely large flowers but too late this year for the South Island Show unfortunately .  I am glad you have registered it, John.  The other doubles are good too.

  2. Nancy Wilson, California
    October 9, 2013 at 11:41 am


    I like the precision of Cosmic Dawn, it is a wonderful flower.

    Nancy Wilson