Lawrence Trevanion, Australia

End of end season

October 14, 2013

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Years ago Steve Vinisky sent me some species poet seed. I have one surviving specimen and it is always the very last daffodil to flower here. The first flower has now opened so it really is the end of the end.




Another last poet is in flower. It is Como x Sea Green.

10_28P 13sm10_28P 13sma


It opens 9W-OWR, perhaps 9W-OOR and, in sunlight, matures 9W-YWR. I would guess that these color codes do not appear in daffseek because registrations are based on picked and shaded flowers.

Some jonquilla hybrids are still flowering. The first is Dreamboat (Evans) x jonquilla, the second Limequilla x jonquilla (tetraploid).

12_82MJ 13sm 10_73MJ 13sm

Some apodanthi come very late.


And some last main division flowers from Dreamboat and Lark/Citronita.

12_366 13SM 12_376 13sm


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  1. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz, California says:

    Lawrence the bottom right photo is a stunning flower.