Lawrence Trevanion, Australia

End of Season

October 11, 2013

Categories: Daffodil Types, Hybridizing, Miniatures, Species, Standards

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A forecast hot windy day didn’t eventuate so there are still some respectable daffodils flowering here.

N.nobilis is glowing at the moment.

nobilis 13sm

Likewise N.bulbocodium in an intense yellow. Which proves my bulbocodium mid-season is winter because that is when I mostly do my crosses.


Jonquillas always feature at end of season here.


And of course poets. I am envious of poets we are seeing from New Zealand but there are a few things here that are nice or seem capable of breeding things that are nice.

13_23Psm 13_24Psm 13_26Psm

Main division flowers linger on as well.

It will surprise no one that this is a grandchild of Modulux.



This is a near trumpet grandchild of Lemon Sails that is standing up to the sun pretty well.


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