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PHS Daffodils Fall Sale List (attached)

October 6, 2013

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Attached, please find the (late!) 2013 PHS Daffodils sale listing of many fine classics, historics, and some rather obscure varieties, sure to please.

2013 PHS Daffodils Fall Sale List

Record rainfall in May and June cut short my anticipated digging goals, intended to bolster the field’s capacity for even more varieties to be planted this fall for the upcoming World Daffodil Convention tours, which will visit the PHS Daffodil collection in April, 2016.  Still, nearly four hundred stocks were lifted (and the bulbs were HUGE!), including many selected seedling lineouts which will begin their final evaluation period when they are replanted in a few weeks.  Look for a selection of these colorful garden novelties, featured on the cover of the September issue of the American Daffodil Society’s Journal.

I wish to extend a very hearty thanks to the many fine volunteers who drove to Flora from afar to dig and, later, to clean the bulbs.  As a result, more bulbs were lifted than ever before, and the hot water treatment process was exceptionally smooth–and fast!  Of course, none of this would be possible without the generous support from my parents, and from Dr. John and Sandy Reed, of Oakwood Daffodils.  Thank you!

Speaking of hot water treating:  All bulbs on this list were hot water treated (HWT) in July 2013, at 112F for 4 hours, in a 600ppm solution of sodium hypochlorite.  Why?  To remove any risk of harmful insect and fungal hitchikers.  What does this mean for your bulbs?  You will receive bulbs which should grow with exceptional vigor next spring and beyond, free of insects and diseases.  That said, the foliage and flowers may show signs of the treatment, including spotted and streaked leaves, and possibly distorted flowers, neither of which are harmful to the plants, nor will they affect future growth.  And, they may be completely devoid of these symptoms; different cultivars respond differently to the HWT.  The results of the 2012 HWT bulbs were very successful, with minimal visual effects on the plants this past spring.  I am confident you will be pleased, as well.

A note on orders:  Sorry, but at this time I cannot ship internationally, or to HA, AK, or PR.  Pre-shipping orders must be at least $35.00.  And, though not the most expensive, the shipping charges have increased to reflect the extra heavy bulbs you will receive.  The fertile fields in south-eastern IL grow some ridiculously large bulbs; as they grow here, all bulbs sent to you will be topsize.  All bulbs are grown by me, and all varieties are guaranteed to be true to name.

Please inspect your orders as soon as you receive them, and plant them soon thereafter. There is still plenty of time to plant:  I fully anticipate replanting on the farm to go through early December.

If you’re a garden club with 501c3 status, you may deduct 15% from your total, shipped to one address and paid by one check.

No pickups, drop-offs, or personal deliveries, please.  Collectively, let’s contribute toward maintaining our US Postal Service.

Deadline for orders:  Friday, 01 November.  Shipping will commence on the weekend of 26 October (sorry, but that is the earliest possible ship date this season).

Missouri residents, I need your sales tax.  If you’re exempt, I need a hard copy of the proof, for my records.

Volunteers who helped dig and clean, you get a $25 per diem deduction, good now or next year.

I love to share my passion with those who show interest; you will receive a generous selection of gratis bulbs with your order.  Please support my generosity by filling out the bottom of the order sheet, suggesting varieties, specific colors, seasons of bloom, divisions, etc., from which I may better fill your box; or, just say “surprise me!” and I will. Gratis bulbs may include varieties dug but not included in this sale list.

Happy shopping and, as ever, thank you for your support!

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