South Island Show Results

October 15, 2013

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Now for the amateur and other  premiers

Amateur Div one      Kingurra exhibited by Aaron Russ, photo taken by myself

Amateur Div 2          Sheelagh Rowan exhibited by Arch Crerar also Div 2W-W premier

Amateur Div 3          No Worries exhibited by Greg Inwood, photo taken by myself

Amateur Div 4          Blossom Lady exhibited by Arch Crerar, also amateur champion bloom, photo taken by myself

Amateur NOE           Menehay   exhibited by Brian MacKenzie, photo taken by Neil

Youth section             Santa Anna exhibited by Jimmy Phimister,  photo taken by myself

Best All white in show Lake Ida exhibited by Denise and Neil McQuarrie also Div 3w-W premier

Best Multibloom        Silver Chimes exhibited by Wayne Hughes also Div 8 premier

Best British raised      Honeybourne exhibited by Mike Smith, photo taken by Neil

That is all the premiers from the South Island National Show.

It has been a wonderful season with some great flowers seen on the show bench.





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