John McLennan, New Zealand

2013 Titahi Bay , A Few More .

November 18, 2013

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Just  a  few  more  from  the  T,Bay  Show .All  nice  Photos  supplied  by  Margaret  Seconi , a  great  supporter  of  the  Wellington  region  shows .Wilfred  Hall  has  a  very  good  line  of  2 Y – O  intermediate  seedlings  ;  all  are  well  within  the  80  mm  range  , very  smooth  and  some  great  colours .Sorry  , no  sdlg  number  but  this  is  a  classy  seedling  .IMG_0046WILF  HALL    , 2 Y - O ,  -- intermediatePinto  Pony is  also  a  good  intermediate  ,  raised  by  Denise  McQuarrie .Quite  a  distinctive  ,  bright  flower .PINTO  PONY  , intermediateIMG_0062

WILF  HALL seedlingsPANCHALI  , The  first  show  of  the  season  also  meant  that  the  tazettas were  also  peaking  for  Wilf  Hall . A  very  good  vase  with  PANCHALI  ,  EURYTHMIC  and  FENCOURT  JEWEL .Also  another   good  vase  of  seedlings . W H    --  T 24


Another  good  tazetta  from  Wilf  ,  WH    , T 24 .



JFM    -   06 - 29 IMG_0064


JFM  ,   012 - 25Also  a  few  double  seedling  of  mine  ,  a  smooth  4 W – Y  ,   o6 – 29  .  A  very  full  and  smooth  pink  double  ,  good  form  but  some  back  greening  and  to  heavy  for  a  weak  neck  .  JFM  012 – 25 .




WTH  ,    10 - 2We  expect  fine  tazetta , intermediate  and  poet  seedlings  from  Wilf  ;  he  surprised  with  a  nice  double  seedling  W T H  ,   10 – 2  .




For  Sale  ,  orders  taken  IMG_0057  A  very  different  seedling  here  from  Margaret  .Perhaps  not  what  you  would  expect  from   ARCTIC  BAY  —  X  —  HAMPTON  COURT ,  May  be  next  year .! !


One  here  for  Daffseek  please  Nancy  .



2W - P   DIAMOND  LASS ??????????????????????????????????????? An  early  Kiwi  pink  cup  from  a  prominent  N Z  amateur  breeder  of  the  70,s  and  80,s  ,  Don  Bramley  ..Don  was  teaching  in  the  Wairarapa  at  the  time  a  young  Margaret  Seconi  was  commencing  her  teaching  career  .He  was  very  influential  in  starting  and  assisting  Margaret  on  her  daffodil  journey  . .Unfortunately  ,  not  many  of  Don,s  flowers  were  well  distributed  ; –  Margaret  treasures  the  few  she has  and    DIAMOND  LASS ,  2w – p  ,  D   BRAMLEY  ,  1970  ,  REG  1984    is  one  she  appreciates .


3 responses to “2013 Titahi Bay , A Few More .”

  1. Dave Hardy, Northern Ireland Dave Hardy, Northern Ireland says:

    Great photos John. I really like the Pinto Pony intermediate from Denise. I must agree that the colour is fantastic.

    Keep the photos coming please

  2. Robert Moore, Scotland Robert Moore, Scotland says:

    I’m very taken with Wilfred Hall’s 2Y-R Intermediate I was likewise attracted to Eskedos the South Island Intermediate premier 2011 also by Wilfred and shown by Alistair and Joan Davey. They are of particular interest since I grow some of John Gibson’s Craig Stiel  progeny

  3. Margaret Seconi, New Zealand Margaret Seconi, New Zealand says:

    Thanks John for copying the photos for me. I look forward to some Hutt show ones coming up now especially the Champion Blooms for the NDSNZ site & that of our two new NDS/Central members, Gordon & Diane Purdie with their novice bloom. Nancy, can the Show Champion blooms be taken from these photos for the NZ website please? Also the Diamond Lass photos for Daffseek. That would save me sending them to Denise.