Larry Force, Mississippi

Lima’s Green Goddess 8G-G

January 1, 2014

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I obtained two bulbs of Lima’s Green Goddess at the auction while attending the ADS business meeting in Tucson this fall. As I did not know how they would perform during my winters, I planted one bulb in a pot where I could move it to my greenhouse during cold weather. The other was planted in the ground outside. The potted one was in bloom Dec. 24 with three spikes, the other has a bloom spike showing but not in bloom. It remains to be seen how the cold weather will affect it. Believe this cultivar was hybridized by Manuel Lima but registered by Harold Koopowitz.  Nice flowers and  fragrance.

Happy New Year everyone,

Larry in Southaven MS     Zone 7-7b

Lima's Green Goddess 2013

4 responses to “Lima’s Green Goddess 8G-G”

  1. Stephen Vinisky, Oregon Stephen Vinisky, Oregon says:

    Very nice photo Larry! Thanks for the post.


  2. Graham Phillips, New Zealand says:

    Larry are you collecting the pollen or have any pollen to fertilize it with?  You could store the pollen to put on some of those nice poets of yours!


  3. Larry Force, Mississippi Larry Force, Mississippi says:

    Hello Graham,

    Good to hear from you, trust you are doing well. Enjoyed your visit to my place last year.

    Thanks for your suggestion, Have been thinking along those same lines. The pollen does look good. Have collected a couple of capsules to freeze. Perhaps one of those Lemon Tree crosses with a lot of green in the corona would be a good match. Maybe intensify the green in the corona and improve the perianth. Hopefully, move the blooming season to spring. Certainly worth a try. Will check my frozen pollen and see what else I have.

    Thanks again,



  4. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz, California says:

    Lima’s Green Goddess is fertile both ways, but so far I have not flowered anything better than the parent. Perhaps my crosses were not imaginative enough?