January 26, 2014

Categories: Bulb Information, General, Growing Daffodils

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Hi Folks,

We watch with concern the weather patterns affecting the Northern hemisphere. It is hoped that the daffs survive the rigorous conditions.

That said, at my place a miracle has occurred. It is not yet the end of January and all named cultivars are lifted and stored. We have about three hours of digging to finish the last half row of seedlings. I have also managed to dig all the seedlings selected last year. Some of these have been down for many years and may have up to 200 bulbs dug. For Dave to be this organised has never been known. Mind you, ever thoughtful Leitha commented ‘Now you have to plant them again.’  Should be completed by the end of August I reckon.



2 responses to “Miracle”

  1. Donna Dietsch, Ohio says:

    Dave, you are too funny!  However, it would be a miracle if I got everything finished in good time.

    Never happens.


    Trying to keep warm with a foot of snow and the wind chill  going down to -30 F tomorrow night!!!

    Bulbs should be ok under that blanket of snow.  I am hibernating.

  2. Phyllis Hess, Ohio says:

    Leitha is a smart woman. LOL