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More Warm Kiwi Summer Flowers .

February 6, 2014

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Our  Otaki  Horticultural  Society  had  our  Dahlia  and  Gladioli  Show  on  Friday  31  January .  Again  the  influence  of the  local  Daff  growers  was  evident  .Wayne  Hughes  came  from  Wanganui  to  dominate  the  gladioli  with  his  amazing  flowers .WAYNE  AND  ROSY  GLOWWAYNE  AND  HIS  SEEDLINGS . His  registered  seedling  Rosy  Glow   added  another  Champion  Bloom  to  it,s  long  list  of  successes .PHIL  BOTHAMLEY  AND  THE  GIANT  "KEA  MAGIC  CHAMPION  VASE  --   "  ABBE  "Phil  Bothamey  showed  a  hugh  decorative  ”  Kea  Magic  ”  to  win  Champion  Dahlia . The  very  attractive  lavender   ”  ABBE  ”  was  PREMIER  VASE  .  Keen  Daff  and  Dahlia  grower  and  exhibitor   BRIAN  MacKENZIE  was  our  dahlia  judge .EMBLAZEKENORA  SUNSETAlso  a  few  more  very  colourful  dahlias  —  warm  summer  colours  .


RURAL  JOANCHAZBY ‘ RURAL  JOAN  ‘  is  from  N D S   member  ALISTER  DAVEY  ,   named  for  his  wife  JOAN .   ” CHAZBY ”  is  an  attractive  informal  glad  ,  show  by  Wayne  but  raised  by  Nelson  Daffodil  and  Gladioli  enthusiast  LORNA   KERR .  ROSE  JUPITERCollarette  " POOH "The  warm  summer  flowers  are  always  popular  with  the  local  floral  artists  ,  who  brightened  the  foyer  with  some  colourful  arrangements IMG_8904 IMG_8905IMG_8903. .






The  best  man  to  do  a  great  job  on  your  Premier  card  is  WILF  HALL ,  – –  many  years  of  practice .WILF  HALL

At  the  table  with  REX  HANNAM  and   WAYNE  HUGHES  .












GERVASE  ”  is  a  very  bright  HIPPEASTRUM  from  my  small  collection  .I  was  intrigued  to  read  on  an  American  based  Hippeastrum  forum  recently  of  the  problems  that  the  big  freeze  had   caused  the  hippy  growers  . It  is  the time  of  year  to  order  and  ship  the  bulbs  ,  mainly  from  southern  suppliers  to  growers  across  the  U S A . Unless  very  carefully  packaged  , many  had  bulbs  in  transit  , held up  by  the  heavy  snowfalls  and  literally  FROZEN   during  the  delivery  .  They  arrived  in  rather  poor  condition ,  collapsing  quite  quickly  after  thawing  . At  least  we  send  our  daff  bulbs  around  whilst  the  weather  is  still  quite  mild  . It  is  almost  that  time  in  NZ  as  most  have almost  finished  lifting  and  are  busy  cleaning  ,  grading  and  preparing  in  time  for  H W T  ,  usually  in  MARCH .

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  1. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee says:

    Thanks for the photos of the warm summer flowers, John, and updates on our NZ daffodil friends.  Middle Tennessee is somewhat gray during the winter so those photos definitely helped.  At the moment we’re at 25 degrees F with light snow, a predicted low tonight of 17, but hoping for spring soon!