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Some red-cupped minis

February 16, 2014

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This year has been useful because it has allowed me to assess several new directions in breeding miniatures. When I started to work on miniatures some 15 years ago I had two major goals. These were to increase the color range in minis and  secondly to increase the offerings in Divisions 2, 3, 4 and 11. Getting good coloring turned out to be more difficult than I expected. The species N. dubius allowed pink to come through but not much else. The little jonquilla-alliance species have now given the oranges and reds.

The cross of Arrowhead by N. gaditanus below has produced what I think is my best mini since “Itsy Bitsy Splitsy”. It needs to be classified as a 12O-R because of the reflexing perianth. It is a very petite flower and every blossom of exhibition quality. On its maiden bloom it is making five flower stems. We have been having a warm season with temperatures in the low 80 F s. It has not fazed the flowers. If it survives and multiplies it will be worth naming and I already have a name picked out. The cross was made in 2009 and is flowering for the first time. Another sibling from the same cross will be a 7Y-R but is not quite of the same quality. There are several others still to flower.


'Arrowhead' x N. gaditanus 12O-R

‘Arrowhead’ x N. gaditanus

‘Jantje’ by N. willkommii has given this small Division two flower. The color is good and I like the starry perianth. It measures 46 mm from petal tip to petal tip. Unfortunately it is slow to divide and not too generous with the number of flowers it produces, but there is the color.


'Jantje' x N. willkommii 2Y-R

‘Jantje’ x N. willkommii

At Livermore last year I showed a seedling from ‘Biometrics’ by N. willkommii that received some comments because of the orange flush in the perianth. Here is this year’s bloom. Capturing the true color with a camera can be a challenge. Here are several exposures made yesterday. The flower in the middle below is the closest to the true color.


Using vivid color setting

Using vivid color setting

Biometrics x N. willkommii Closest color setting

Biometrics x N. willkommii
Closest color setting

Biometrics x N. willkommii Color washed out.

Biometrics x N. willkommii
Color washed out






Pentire’ by N. gaditanus, has only yielded one Division 11 flower, but the one displayed here is a 7Y-R. The flowers are only 37 mm across.


'Pentire' x N. gaditanus

‘Pentire’ x N. gaditanus


‘Fly Half’ by N. gaditanus shows promise as a 2Y-R. It is quite small and born on short stems. This is the maiden bloom and we will have to see if the quality of the flower improves.


'Fly Half' x N. gaditanus 2Y-R

‘Fly Half’ x N. gaditanus


More to come later. 😯


2 Responses to Some red-cupped minis

  1. Lynn Slackman, Missouri
    Lynn Slackman, Missouri
    February 16, 2014 at 10:27 am

    Harold…absolutely adore the Arrowhead N. gaditanus cross!  The color is extraordinary on these mini’s. :0)

    Lynn Slackman

  2. Stephen Vinisky, Oregon
    Stephen Vinisky, Oregon
    February 16, 2014 at 11:19 am

    Harold, the ‘Arrowhead’ x N. gaditanus is sensational! THAT is a breakthrough flower. Excellent color with graceful, distinctive form. Sincere congratulations on this. Way to go!