Ben Blake, California

2014 Livermore Show – Premier Miniature Collection of 24 Stems

March 5, 2014

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Below are the individual blooms for the “Premier Miniature Collection of 24 Stems” exhibited by Harold Koopowitz and Marilynn Howe at the 2014 Livermore, California show.

Twenty-three of the 24 stems are seedlings hybridized by Harold and Marilynn. The other daffodil, “Itsy Bitsy Splitsy: is a named cultivar of Harold’s. One of the 24 received both the Mini-Gold and Best Miniature Seedling Awards. Also, the seedling in photo R3-3_08-027-4 received the Robert Jerrell local award donated by Tom Stettner for “Best Pink Daffodil”.

We members of the Northern California Daffodil Society feel privileged to see these newly created miniatures most of which have never been seen before.

Kirby Fong will do a high quality photo of the entire collection, but I am including my own photos to show the individual blooms as they were arranged.

The first photo gallery ( 3 photos) is the entire collection and individual awards from the collection.

The second photo gallery (24 photos) is arranged in four rows of six photos which hopefully will match the order of the 24-stem premier photo.

Since I carried each stem to another room to photograph them, my re-aligning of blooms and stems was not as precise as Harold and Marilynn’s efforts.  What I mean to say is that their presentation was better than the 24-stem photo I show.

I personally noted that half of the blooms in this collection could have been Best in Show.

Congratulations to Harold and Marilynn!


(Be sure to click on a photo to start the large photo slideshow)


7 responses to “2014 Livermore Show – Premier Miniature Collection of 24 Stems”

  1. Denise and Neil McQuarrie, New Zealand says:

    What a wonderful array of colours and forms!  Congratulations to Harold and Marilynn, they are a sight to behold.  Congratulations also to Bob Spotts, am looking forward to seeing more photos from the show.

  2. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz, California says:

    Thank you Ben. We really appreciate the time and trouble you went to taking the individual pictures. Makes them look very good.

    Harold and Marilynn

  3. Melissa Reading, California says:

    Judging Miniatures at the Livermore Show was both a joy and a trial.  There were so many blooms worthy of a mini gold.  These collections were splendid.  It is wonderful to see Ben’s photos bring all the detail into easy focus at an easily viewable angle.  Hearty congratulations to Harold, Marilynn, and Ben for this gift of beauty.

    Ben, I’d comment more often if the system didn’t force me to log in again each time.


  4. Lynn Slackman, Missouri Lynn Slackman, Missouri says:

    Congratulations Harold and Marilynn!  The color and form of your flowers is amazing. 🙂

    Thank you Ben to sharing your photos with us.  Seeing the miniatures individually really highlights their beauty.

    Lynn Slackman

  5. David Adams, New Zealand says:

    Wonderful display Harold and Marilyn. Following a posting last week where we discussed the development of mini Div 4’s  I note some good quality doubles here.


  6. Stephen Vinisky, Oregon Stephen Vinisky, Oregon says:


    Congrats to both you and Marilynn!!! Simply GLORIOUS.

    I’d love to know the parentage on the following:

    09-011-1   2Y-ORR, 08-047-2   7Y-R, 03-023-X   4Y-Y, The 11aP-P no #, 08-005-1   4W-W, 11-040-1   4W-O, 09-094-1   11aW-Y, 07-051-2   11aW-Y, 99-18-1   2W-ORR.

    Truly knockout stuff my friend.


  7. Phyllis Hess, Ohio says:

    Simply wonderful; congratulations to all!!