Lawrence Trevanion, Australia

First flower up-over (or down-under)

March 8, 2014

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I’ve been really enjoying the pictures being put up. Keep them coming.

I can now boast that I have flowers of my own. 07_04T, a sibling of First Stanza’s, is proving to be reliably the first to flower here, excepting perhaps N. elegans itself. This specimen was given some encouragement to flower earlier and is not as flat and well formed as it can be, but it is well ahead of it’s rivals, including First Stanza.

07 04T 14b


Way back on July 10 2013 I indicated I planned to make seed available. A seed list was recently sent to people who responded to that post or who have purchased seed from me before. For those who are interested or curious, that list, minus sold out items, is now generally available on my website.

3 responses to “First flower up-over (or down-under)”

  1. Dave Hardy, Northern Ireland Dave Hardy, Northern Ireland says:

    Hi Lawrence.

    What is the address of your website?  Would love to see the list.


  2. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz, California says:

    Hi Lawrence:

    I can see the potential in that seedling. Good form. Brilliant! Looks like N. elegans is one of its parents.


  3. Lawrence Trevanion, Australia Lawrence Trevanion, Australia says:

    Thanks Dave. The page is at:

    Thanks Harold. You’ve had a great season!

    07_04T has elegans as the pollen parent. (I noted and was surprised by your remark in November that elegans is actually obsoletus.) Bill Welch’s earliest tazettas here are yellow and thus far I’m getting more vigorous yellow seedlings from First Stanza, rather than 07_04T, with these.