Harold Koopowitz, California

Premier seedling breeding.

March 6, 2014

Category: General

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If anyone is interested I can translate the seedling numbers of the premier collection to their parentages. But I do not want to do that unless there is some interest.


3 responses to “Premier seedling breeding.”

  1. Bill Carter, Washington Bill Carter, Washington says:

    I’m interested but lets talk at Murphy’s.  I had never really seen hybrid mini’s until Murphy’s last Spring.  I was thoroughly impressed.  Since I hope to have another 40 years of breeding life left I’d like some pointers on getting good pollen for mini’s.   Being from WA state do you think mini’s would do well?



  2. Malcolm Wheeler, New Zealand Malcolm Wheeler, New Zealand says:

    I am very interested too Harold they look stunning.

    Are some of the splits x fernandesii?


  3. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz, California says:

    Hi Bill:

    Sorry I will not be at Murphy’s this year. My season was extra early this year and there is almost nothing left to show. I will keep the last few flowers and hope that they make it for Little Rock.

    Hi Malcolm:

    Only ‘Itsy Bitsy Splitsy’ is from N. fernandesii. The others are mainly from N. dubius.