Ben Blake, California

Six Weeks in Refrigerator

March 6, 2014

Categories: Hybridizer, Hybridizing, Seedling

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Harold Koopowitz brought this miniature seedling to the 2014 Livermore show.  He indicated that this was one of his first seedlings to bloom this season and it had been in his refrigerator for six weeks.  He decided to not enter it in the show but I thought it surely was noteworthy for surviving for six weeks.




One response to “Six Weeks in Refrigerator”

  1. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz, California says:

    The coloration of this when fresh was very similar to ‘Clouded Yellow’ with the three inner tepals not only very much paler than the three outer but also cloudy. I have not seen that before in a miniature. This was bred from Frank Galyon’s ‘Lightening Fire’ which gives it the great shape. Hope it comes back next year :)