George Dorner, Illinois

Midwest Daffodil Society Show at Chicago Botanic Garden

April 28, 2014

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After fearing a washout we had a pretty good show in Chicago this weekend. Folks near the lake had no flowers, but those further away and even those in the city were able to contribute to a small show with just under 400 blooms. The always excellent Design Division made the Show very popular with the large number of folks in the Garden, and we were able to give a taste of spring to many who have barely seen a glimmer of that yet.

We’ll post pics later, but for now be it noted that the Gold Ribbon went to Lady Diana from Nancy Pilipuf. That was from her Bozievich entry in which the judges were unable to find a fault in any bloom.

Nancy also had the Mini Gold with Segovia, the Mini white with Xit, Best Historic with Queen of he North 1908, Best Classic with Ida Mae 1968, and the best Historic, Maroon, Lavender, and Intermediate Collections. Whew! And on Friday, Al and Carol Champ in Lake Forest quite near Lake Michigan had only a single bloom. I am midway between and I had a few, including a Purple ribbon for 5 11s. Beth Holbrooke scored with the White for Cameo Frills, a nice Havens collection, and the Silver Ribbon for most blues. Gail Raith was proud of her first big winner, a beautiful Pink Silk for the Small Grower Award. Bruce Eckersberg had the best 3 Classic stems, Broomhill. Ray Rogers was in from Wisconsin to judge, but no blooms were available to bring.

I have to say that our venue and the walk through traffic are about optimal for a daffodil show. I wish we could draw some of you folks to Chi on the last weekend of April. Thinks about it for next year.

I’ve probably left someone out. More later.

George Dorner

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  1. I forgot to mention that Beth Holbrooke again took the Wells Knierem Award. I’m glad I remembered to post this before she had a chance to chide me. 😎

    George Dorner