Denis Dailey’s garden

May 19, 2014

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Denis Dailey Gardens I was able to do some maintenance to Denis Dailey’s Patch of daffodils this weekend.  It was quite striking to see the flowers laid out as Denis had planned in bloom.  Here is midseason:  He laid it out by breeder and sequentially by year.  It is inspiring to see the development of the flower and the breeders with the flowers.   Near the front is Grant Mitsch’s stuff about 1995 or so including Phoenician and American Dream American Dream   Note the color here is nearly as good as Oregon.  A rare event in the Midwest.

Here are a few of Dave Karnsted’ts things including 98-172-2 the not as good one.  The camera did not focus for 172-1  Karnstedt 98-172-2 Karnstedt 98-172-2    We should be seeing the later stuff in another week or two.

4 responses to “Denis Dailey’s garden”

  1. Phyllis Hess, Ohio Phyllis Hess, Ohio says:

    Thanks for sharing; good to see them doing so well.


  2. Melissa Reading, California says:

    I am so appreciative, Mike, of your helping us to remember Dennis Dailey.  What a fine man he was. And his patch is beautiful.


  3. Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi says:

    Michael, what are the plans for keeping these fields going?

  4. Michael Berrigan, Minnesota says:

    I am maintaining the stocks in place.  Denis transferred excess stocks three years ago and there are tens of thousands of bulbs blooming in the Washington DC and Virginia area from the excess of the fields.   I will start selective digging next year.  Two of David Karnstedt’s cultivars look worth sending to growers.  I have purchased maintenance equipment to keep the fields in good condition and intend to keep the plantings intact.  I will be augmenting the front area not pictured and moving some of the plantings to make them easier to maintain.  Not traveling as much has helped with the maintenance and both places can be weeded and kept better after three years of catch as catch can.  The Governor’s mansion and Iris Commons projects are also being supported but mainly from my home thanks to bulb donations from John Reed.