June 22, 2014

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I guess the time is imminent for Northern Hemisphere growers to be preparing to lift bulbs.

Malcolm Wheeler is currently the best exhibitor of miniatures in New Zealand and he espouses the theory that miniature bulbs do not enjoy being out of the ground and prefer being repotted immediately into a potting mix of similar temperature to that in the existing pot. My experience is that his notion has merit. I know that often the minis still have active roots when lifted.

Attached are some photos of how I used this method last year. Please note that I am not the tidiest nor most precise when doing these activities.

DSCF0126 CopyFrom top to bottom

Bucket of pea gravel for topping pot

Shovel for lifted bulbs and name tag

Emptied pot in old grill tray used for emptying the pot, removing existing bulbs and throwing out the old mix

On left, in box, kept bulbs in netlon bags. These are the bulbs for sale and distribution. Names on a piece of card.

Proprietry potting mix at ambient temperature ready for repotting

Missing – marker pen for rewriting name tag



Potting Miniatures 2



View of the same from above. Note that on the name tag the name has disappeared on the top of the tag but has remained legible where planted underground.

Potting mix is added immediately to the pot. Some may wish to sterilise the pot before repotting. Rewrite name tag, bulbs replanted, pot topped up and 1cm of gravel added to cover pot. This method took about 10 mins per pot.

I trust this idea may be helpful to you for better keeping of your miniatures.


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