Harold Koopowitz, California

“Progress in Breeding Miniatures”

July 23, 2014

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It must be five years since our first miniature daffodil symposium in Nashville and since that time there has been a quiet revolution. Minis are no longer just white or yellow. People have continued working and breeding with them, introducing new forms and colors. It is time for an update.

This year we are in Memphis on Saturday October 25th, 2014 together with the ADS Fall Board Meeting. We plan to have a full afternoon of talks and it is open to all daffodil enthusiasts,  so y’all come and enjoy, ya’ hear!!

On the program will be talks by recognized experts. Larry Force who is among the top miniature breeders in the US today, will amaze you with some of his recent beauties. Brian Duncan who is probably the greatest breeder of standard show  daffodils in the world has now taken on the challenge of making miniatures and his flowers have real quality. His new mini tazettas are fantastic. Mike Berrigan, the ADS first VP, will share his philosophy on breeding minis. Steve Vinisky, another of our great daffodil breeders of all types, will put together a program highlighting his recent miniature successes.  Yours truly will share his progress on miniatures from divisions 4 and 11.  This will be a memorable afternoon. It will be like looking into the future because you will be growing some of these colorful little plants sometime in the future.

Registration is reasonable, we have a nice hotel and you need to come and support the ADS. We look forward to seeing you in the Fall.

Details are on the ADS website. Click on this hyperlink to get you to the registration page http://daffodilusa.org/events-show-calendar/fall-symposiums/

See ya there!


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