Early Season

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It is now early season here. Habit has started flowering, which is one of the first, as have a number of early selections.

Early division 3’s are rare for me but a few are starting to appear.

11 76 11_44 sm

Fred Silcock has indicated that he now has some nice rimmed trumpets. I can well believe it as he had nice ones in the 1990’s. 03_28 is not large and could do with a stronger stem. Sometimes it measures trumpet but most are a fraction short.

13 01 11 72 Sm 03 28 Sm

11 83 Sm

A collection of early splits are in flower.

IMG 3043sm

A flower I’m very pleased with is 11_29 – a big smooth early flower with a strong stem and plenty of substance and showing signs of rot resistance. It’s color might not impress but being (Temple Gold 1Y-Y x Kalimna 1W-P) x (Nynja 2Y-Y x Decoy 2W-K) I’m hoping it will be a parent of high quality early pink trumpets.

11 29 Sm