Graham Fleming, Australia

Flowering in Canberra – 23 August 2014 – Part 2

August 23, 2014

Categories: Daffodil Types, Hybridizing, Intermediates, Miniatures, Seedling, Species

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A few more photos of what is flowering for us at the moment.


KB Seedlings With A Very Nice 6W Y With A Hint Of Pink At The Back Lots Of KB Intermediate Pot Seedlings More KB Miniature Seedlings With An Alpestris Seedling In The Middle More KB Seedlings With A Very Nice 6Y W In The Centre N Cordubensis Nice Split Cup Form Pot Of KB 6Y O Seedling (slightly Bigger Than Miniature) Pot Of Seedlings That Usually Have Too Many Petals Pot Of Tall N. Tenuifolius Some Feral Bulbocodium Seedlings Probably From Olumbo Some Good KB Miniature Seedlings Some Intermediate And Miniature 6W W, 6W Y And 6W P Seedlings

2 responses to “Flowering in Canberra – 23 August 2014 – Part 2”

  1. David Adams, New Zealand says:

    Hi Graham,

    A number of cultivars from all over the world have more than 6 petals as a characteristic of their flowers. I believe there are now enough to create Division 14 for narcissus cultivars with more than 6 perianth segments. I would call them Windmill Daffodils. Most are lovely to look at and, I believe, would have great public appeal.


  2. Graham Fleming, Australia Graham Fleming, Australia says:

    Hi Dave

    We have enough to be crossing with each other to stabilise the number of petals. They have full petal coverage simply because of the number of petals. They look good but there is currently no where for them.