Christiaan van Schalkwyk, South Africa

Searching DaffSeek

August 26, 2014

Categories: Breeding, Fertility, General, Hybridizing

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Lazy me is looking for an easy way to search through DaffSeek by using divisions rather than names.

I would like to see, for example, the possibilities when I cross a division 1 with a division 8, so would like to search for the parents as either div 1 x div 8 or div 8 x div 1. Or, div 8 x div 8 that produced a kid that is not div 8.

Is it possible? Would we have to rewrite DaffSeek to be able to do that?   🙂

Or would I have to go through all 575 Div 8 registrations to see if they were ever matched up with another division in order to evaluate their progeny?   🙁


2 responses to “Searching DaffSeek”

  1. Ben Blake, California Ben Blake, California says:

    A rewrite of Daffseek will not be necessary, but I will have to think about how to do a query that covers this.  I did check  the cultivar parents table and did see that “Division” is  an included element.  All it would take is some thought and an inspired, perhaps “cleaver”, query

    Unfortunately that will have to wait a while because I am fully involved in the developing a more advanced version of Daffseek that is still months away.  I will think about your ideas though and perhaps can add this feature as the new Daffseek develops.



  2. Christiaan van Schalkwyk, South Africa Christiaan van Schalkwyk, South Africa says:

    Hi Ben

    I really appreciate the people that went through all the trouble and issues to make DaffSeek probably the best searchable database for any species grown by man. It is amazing to think that you plan to make it more advanced. I am looking forward to that!

    Thanks also for considering my need ! (and furthering my laziness . . .)