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Hi Folks,

Today I picked my first flowers for the season. I hope some will last the three weeks until our first show. The season here has become very late due to a cool, overcast August. I will have a good set of miniatures for the NI National and probably no standard flowers except possibly Div 6. So much for Global warming.

This is my version of Snipe x N cyclamineus. It is pleasing to note that most have multiplied. I divided some off last year and all have grown and flowered. Snipe x N Cyclamineus

These are selections from the cross. Please excuse the fuzzy photos. Technology and Dave are non compatible.

07/06B and 07/06A07/06C

This is 07/06D a bulb of which will be offered at the NI NDS Auction. It is a lovely cream Div 6 mini of which I now have 6 or 7 bulbs


These are some seedlings of a 2Y-P crossed N cyclamineus. Sadly they all appear to be sterile and none took the pink coronal colour which is what I had hoped for. The very top flower is faultless but useless as it is too big for a mini and would never compete with Rapture or Abracadabra at a New Zealand show.

2Y-P X cyclamineus

Little Gem has made a wonderful display this year. I find it best in open ground and totally neglected.

Little Gem



Little Gem




2 comments for “Seedlings

  1. Looks like some lovely minis Dave, I will look forward to seeing them at Waikanae.

    Interesting your comments about the seedling being too large for a miniature. Surely sense must prevail soon and the rules be changed to allow varieties such as this and  those in other divisions to be shown as Intermediates.

    Cheers Robin


  2. I agree Robin, that was a ridiculus decision that disallowed those small div 6 from being eligible for Intermediate classes in NZ



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