Oakwood Daffodil/John Reed’s “White Lantern” Beautiful!!! Enjoy!!!

September 23, 2014

Categories: Hybridizer, Hybridizing

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WHITE MAGIC LANTERN 2A few years back, this seedling was found blooming, while the picture does not show a completely mature bloom, the substance and form of this beauty just shouts at you in the field!

2 responses to “Oakwood Daffodil/John Reed’s “White Lantern” Beautiful!!! Enjoy!!!”

  1. Lynn Slackman, Missouri Lynn Slackman, Missouri says:

    This flower is soooo pretty…’White Lantern’ is a beauty. 🙂

  2. Cindy Haeffner, Missouri says:

    John Reed, if you can share the parentage of “White Lantern”, would be most interesting for all to know????