South Island National Show

September 29, 2014

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Hi Everyone

The South Island National Show was held in Timaru over weekend and what it a show it was for Arron Russ who has always shown in the amateur ranks but  this year also entered the coverted class 2 The NDS Raisers Challenge Cup which calls for 12 stems raised and grown by the exhibitor. Last year at the South Island Show Arron entered this class but wasn’t placed. This year was a different story where he won this class from 3 other very good entries with some amazing flowers one of which he said he made the cross in 1995 when he was just a lad.   Arron also made a clean sweep of the amateur section by winning 201 –  9 vareities 3 of each, 203 – 12 varieties one of each, 204 – 6 stems pink colouring, 205 – 6 varieties raised by exhibitor, 206 – 6 varieties Div 2 or 3 red cups, 207 – 6 stems of doubles , 211 – 6 stems NZ varieties, 212 – 6 stems Australian raised,  and 213 – 6 stems British raised and 214 6 stems American raised. Well done Arron.

Arron standing beside his winning Raisers Challenge Cup colection

Arron standing beside his winning Raisers Challenge Cup colection

Trevor Rollinson

Dunedin NZ

2 responses to “South Island National Show”

  1. Robin Hill, New Zealand says:

    Hi All,

    I can only agree with Trevor’s comments on this entry from Aaron, it was exceptional. To raise such quality seedlings at such a young age speaks volumes of the achievement.

    One very senior exhibitor who has won this class on numerous occasions was heard to say that it was one of the very best entries he has ever seen in the class.


  2. Phyllis Hess, Ohio says:

    Congratulations Aaron quite an achievement!! Lovely flowers!