The vision of childhood

September 21, 2014

Categories: Breeding, General, Hybridizing, Youth

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Hi Folks,

Today my eight year old grandson visited the Christchurch show. He surveyed our trade stand with interest then made the following observations. We have not previously discussed hybridising with him.

He observed “I reckon you should cross Bandit with Carrot Top.” Think about it, not a bad suggestion from an 8 year old.

My thought, imagine a flower with the form of Bandit and the colour of Carrot Top, Maybe some computer whiz out there amongst you could take a picture of Bandit and impose the coronal colour of Carrot Top on to it and share it with us so that we could also imagine the possible result of the cross.

He then said “I reckon you should cross Daydream with Summer Hill (4W-YYP, about to be registered) and then we could call it Summer Dream.” Creative, forward thinking.

Finally he observed “I think you should cross Kiwi Magic with Summer Hill.” Now that could be an awesome flower.

Leitha’s response to all this was, of course “Now there is an opportunity to share an interest with your grandson you’d better get busy.” I agree.

On another tangent, tonight I picked a five floreted Minnow. I have never seen it with more than four florets. Wow.

Dave Adams

2 responses to “The vision of childhood”

  1. Melissa Reading, California says:

    This is my favorite daffnet post of all time, and there have been a number of great ones.  Thanks for the great story!


  2. Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi says:

    Suzy Wert, here is the ultimate answer to your BODNET posting for suggestions for you as you begin a new stint as Youth Chairman!!