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Kiwi Summer Flowers

January 27, 2015

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We  are  having  a  hot  and  dry  summer  over  most  of  N Z  and  the  show  season  for  gladioli  and  dahlias  is  just  beginning  .

Normanby  ,  South  Taranaki  ,  was  the  venue  for  a  Gladioli  Show  on  Sunday  25  January  . Spud  Brogden  and  Wayne  Hughes  were  the  main  contenders  in  the  open  classes  ;  both  showed  some  superb  flowers  ,  mostly  of  their  own  raising  .They  are  both  master growers  and  breeders  of  both  Daffodils  and  Glads  .  David  Luty  ,  another  regular  daff  exhibitor  ,  also  showed  some  fine  glads  to  dominate  the  amateur  section  .And  ,  as  expected  ,  Joy  Brogden  and  and  a  very  good  team  of  ladies  kept  the  show  running  smoothly  and  fed  the  troops  well  .  Here  are  few  colourful  photos   to  warm  you  as  most  are  having  a  cold  winter  in  the  north  .

20150125 dscf0044



Champion  Bloom  went  to  Wayne  Hughes  with  his  large  formal  seedling  ,  LAVENDER  CHARM  .   He  also  had  best  vase  with  3  large  informals  ,  seedling  BH 32  .  Just  under  200  stems  were  exhibited  ,  a  mass  of  bright  summer  colours  .


20150125 dscf0035

20150125 dscf0047 20150125 dscf0045








Matching  the  colour  of  the  flowers  was  Joy  Brogden  , at  her  summer  best  .


20150125 dscf0032 20150125 dscf0019

20150125 dscf0034 I  was impressed  with  a  Brogden  seedling  , SOUTHERN  COMMAND  ,   ,  an  impressive  deep  red  . Spud  also  has  a  nice  daff  2Y – R  of  the  same  name  .



20150125 dscf0023


20150125 dscf0021


An  interesting  class  is  for  single  florets  displayed  in  small  tubes  .  It  certainly  shows the  large  colour  range  available  .


20150125 dscf0039




20150125 dscf0042We  had  a  quick  visit  to  Spuds  patch  to  see  the  glads  growing  and  the  clean  daff  beds  .  Spud  had  almost  finished  lifting  , – just  a  few  seedlings  to  go .

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  1. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee says:

    John, thanks for brightening our winter with photos of NZ friends and such colorful NZ flowers!  We don’t have any snow in Nashville but it is a wintry gray day.  I only have a few snowdrops in bloom at the moment.