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February Flowers

February 1, 2015

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The little double out of Glowing Red x N. dubius that I mentioned yesterday is now properly developed. Flower diameter is just over 40 mm. Coronal segments are a pale lemon-cream which does not contrast with the white tepals and thus is not too distinctive. This seedling had blasted last year and it developed with three buds this year but one of them blasted and I took that one off for the photo.  It might do better under other climates but for the moment I think it will probably end up being culled.

2011-017-1 Glowing Red x N. dubius

Glowing Red
x N. dubius

A number of years ago I bought 50 bulbs of N. dubius from a Dutch company. The flowers, though very variable, all appeared to be N. dubius except one.  This latter plant had small yellow flowers of not quite N. dubius shape  (The corona was longer and the petals somewhat narrower) and the leaves although flat were not glaucous (blue-grey-green) like N. dubius they were a deep bottle green. I selfed some flowers and also put N. dubius onto a few others. The selfed seed produced yellow flowers but the cross pollinated flowers usually open yellow and then fade to white. The one illustrated below opens creamy-white before clearing to snow white and carries double the usual number of florets. Flowers are only 21 mm in diameter. Have not tried to breed on with them yet.

2008-049-1 "Yellow Dubius?" x N. dubius

“Yellow Dubius?”
x N. dubius


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