Ted Snazelle, Mississippi

Winter Daffodils Blooming in Central Mississippi

February 14, 2015

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Well, here it is Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015, and I finally have some daffodils blooming that had not been previously frozen and the blooms deformed or destroyed! First is ‘Early to Rise’  2 W-Y, a Dave Niswonger cultivar (left top).  The second cultivar is ‘White Magnolia’ 2 W-W, a C. W. Culpepper cultivar (right top).  ‘White Magnolia’ and Bill Pannill’s ‘High Cotton’ 3 W-W are the only all white daffodil cultivars out of divisions 1, 2 & 3 that have survived over the years here in Central Mississippi.  Third is the William R. P. Welch tazetta cultivar ‘Marisol’ 8 W-O (lower left). Fourth is ‘Toru’ 8 W-W, hybridized by William R. P. Welch, but flowered and named by the late New Zealander, Max Hamilton.  Toru’s cup is light yellow because it just opened; however, it will change to all white within a day or two (lower right).

‘Early to Rise’ 2 W-Y


‘White Magnolia’ 2 W-W

‘Marisol’ 8 W-O


IMG 5399

‘Toru’ 8 W-W






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