Lawrence Trevanion, Australia

Brown daffodils / Variable flowering time

March 3, 2015

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Elegans/obsoletus opens greenish brown and then develops to an intense orange. It looks as if this development in the hybrids can be delayed and that both green and brown coronas are possible.

09_02T  x Gold Step. (09_02T is a First Stanza seedling.)


07_20T = Bairns. Sol x (Gloriosus x Union Road) has the most variable flowering time of any daffodil I know. This year it hadn’t died down by lifting time so it was transplanted into a pot, watered regularly and protected from the westerly sun. It has been in continuous leaf, which makes it, along with some pachybolbus hybrids, the most heat/low-humidity resistant daffodil plant I know of. It is now starting to flower. It first flowered in August but has previously flowered in March and May/June. One of its 2yo seedlings didn’t die down either so it has been treated in the same way. There are comments somewhere that tazettas can be kept in leaf in a green-house and brought to flower from seed in 18 months – Barbara Fry, I think, but perhaps Bill Welch.


14_14T, pictured previously, has now produced 3 discolored flowers. It does seem that an all orange perfectly sunproof daffodil is possible.


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